Trans & Queer Chants that mean something

I wrote these chants for the 2007 Twin Cities Trans March and the ’08 Chicago Dyke March. Spread them far and wide and make our resistance have meaning again. If you like them, let me know! (Also if you have an issue you want me to write about). (some have more content than others, but most do)

The gender system must be broken
I am not your fucking token

Rape cannot enforce our laws
Prison abolition, that’s our cause —

My junk is not for you to see
Remove the sex on all ID

Lavender just think a bit [Center on Halsted think a bit]
Transphobia you’ve got to quit [or racism, misogyny, classism, etc]

HRC your time is near
Fake inclusion won’t work here (is it even fake inclusion anymore?…)

HRC just can’t be beat
Having you is such a treat
Just go buy the world a coke
Cause we know you’re a fucking joke

Dykes need more than fucking ENDA           [or Queers]
Legal sex work’s our agenda! [or homelessness is…healthcare for all’s]

The Advocate our favorite mag [was originally Lavender; other targets welcome.]
We are not all rich white fags

Marriage [pause] is not the answer
Single queers still get cancer

The Advocate just Advocates
For folks that might as well be straight

Shame, shame, we’ll be back                (made up on the spot to end TC Trans March ’07)
We won’t fold under attack

Oh, and one that I didn’t write that is seriously awesome:

Arrest us, just try it!
Stonewall was a fucking riot!

5 Responses to “Chants”

  1. antiprincess said

    these are excellent.

    my favorite from my chanting days:
    “We’re here! We’re (name your group)! We have no sense of humor!”

  2. I just noticed this page on your blog. These are amazing and hilarious!

  3. […] June 16, 2010 by chartreuseflamethrower “Marriage [pause] is not the answer Single queers still get cancer” – Cedar’s chants […]

  4. […] “Marriage [pause] is not the answer Single queers still get cancer” – Cedar’s chants […]

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