Criticism of dominant terminology, alternate terms and definitions, and trans 301

This page will always be a work in progress. There’s just too much fucked up about trans terminology for this page not to exist, or to ever be covered by one person. It should also be a conversation, so criticize my language politics, too. This list assumes you already know most of the terms being discussed, so if you’re looking for trans terminology 101, go do a search for that.

Table of Contents:

  1. Put the goddamn space in: transfeminism, trans(wo)man, transmasculine/transfeminine spectrum
  2. What are you really: trans (wo)man, trans feminine/masculine spectrum, MAAB/FAAB, trans (fe)male spectrum, vectored, spectrum, genderqueer, gender fluid
  3. Rejecting trans misogyny: tranny, trans feminine/masculine spectrum, genderqueer, ffm/mff, mtf & “male to female” [and, I shouldn’t have to mention it, but apparently I do, chicks-with-dicks]
  4. “Biological”: science and cissexual supremacy
  5. Pointing the finger at transphobia: A different take on “transsexual” (& “cissexual”)
  6. Whose queer gender? genderqueer, crossdresser, bigenderist, drag queen; re-binarizing otherwise gendered people
  7. Genderqueer politics gone wrong: The Gender BinaryTM, gender coercion, (fe)male bodied, they
  8. Transsexual politics gone wrong: detransition, trans (wo)man, (wo)man of transsexual experience
  9. Feminist politics gone wrong: sex v. gender, (fe)male bodied,
  10. Reclaiming our bodies: sex/gender self-determination, body sovereignty
  11. Get your hands off my oppression: tranny(fag, boi), chicks with dicks
  12. No, you don’t own that word: “appropriation” & genderqueer, ze/hir
  13. Privilege/Oppression: external / internal, dominance / support, accountability / subordination, insubordination a note on privilege checklists
  14. The oppressiveness of ‘ally’ (see also Michelle O’Brien’s essay, “Whose Ally?“.)
  15. Trans women, women’s space: allowing, trans inclusion/exclusion, trans woman ejection
  16. What about other intersections: is “trans misogyny” racist?
  17. Assorted obscure but useful words: Kyriarchy, FFM/MFF, Crowdagger, CLGB, Misogyny Not-Otherwise-Specified (NOS), trans woman ejection

99. Accepting Imperfection & Accountability

Content at links.

2 Responses to “Language politics”

  1. […] later, but I’m not really sure where to start aside from “black sheep”. Cedar at Takes up space has been doing a few on cissexism, and ablism is just… yeesh. Not that those are the only […]

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