Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Workshop, Housing Request

May 30, 2009

Hey, everybody! So, y’all may remember the critical post about PTHC I made a while back, encouraging folks to submit workshops.

1)I will be leading one called Queering Genderqueer:

Are you third-, fourth-, or nineteenth-through-twenty-fifth-gender(s), but everyone seems to put you in the same damn box—including the genderqueers? Feel invisible because you’ve transitioned, you’re trans female spectrum and/or trans feminine spectrum, working-class, a POC or disabled, or femme’s a crucial part of your gender? Or just pissed that your friends are invisiblized and misgendered by the people that ought to be their community? In this workshop, we’ll discuss our experiences as non-binarily-gendered people who don’t fit in the non-binary-gender box, and talk about how to confront the subversivism, (trans) misogyny, and other oppressive ideologies that too-often shape what genderqueer is taken to mean.

2)Obviously from #1, I’m going. Are any of you in Philadelphia and willing to put me up for a couple nights? (sometime 6/11 till 6/14 in the morning, but I’ll mostly be at the conference, and I won’t have a ton of stuff) A couch or even a cushy patch of floor would be fine. You can either comment or email me at takesupspace AT!

3)I hope I get to see you there! Let me know and we can meet up.


3 Responses to “Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Workshop, Housing Request”

  1. hrdrockgrrl said

    Sounds like a great workshop that is exactly the sort of stuff I wish I could talk with others about. I won’t be in Philly but good luck with it!

  2. Just Some Trans Guy said

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your session. It was probably my favorite at PTHC. And, somewhat ironically, it’s the session where I felt the least invisible, even though I’m not genderqueer identified.

    Thanks for leading it.

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