Yes Means Yes

December 2, 2008

An article of mine is coming out any day now–might already have hit the shelves where you are–in a new anthology about rape culture & sex positivity, Yes Means Yes! Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape!

That’s a link to, provided 1)for international readers (Hi!) and 2)for reviews/info/table of contents. BUT, if at all possible please do NOT buy it from them, and support Women & Children First or the original Amazon Bookstore, in Minneapolis, or your local feminist, queer, or otherwise independent bookseller. supports right wing causes and the Republicans–contrast that with organizations you want to support, and need it.

ANYWAYS, it’s got me, my friend Lee who works at the wonderful Early to Bed (which I also recommend), Julia Serano, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (of “Femme Shark Manifesto” fame), and was edited by folks from Feministing. (ok, ok, we’re not going into that.) Y’all should pick it up!


9 Responses to “Yes Means Yes

  1. Amanda said

    Hazel- I bought this book yesterday at Women and Children First! Hadn’t heard of it, just saw it and had to have it as soon as I read the cover. I can’t tell you how excited I am to start getting into this anthology. Your name jumped out at me around midnight last night and I couldn’t wait to confirm that it was the Hazel/Cedar I’ve been hearing about, through mutual friends. I will save my congratulations for Friday, I believe we will be at the same party. Take Care, Amanda

  2. Cedar said

    !! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to meeting you! Both Danny and Shana say wonderful things about you.

    Also, what a weird coincidence. I mean, I suppose not *that* big a coincidence, but…

    How is the anthology? I haven’t gotten to read any of them but mine and Lee’s.

  3. shiva said

    Where is the best place for people outside the US to buy it?

  4. Cedar said

    So, I don’t really know. A google search for UK “Feminist Bookstore” led me to Silver Moon Bookshop in Foyles bookstore in London, and adding OR “feminist bookshop” landed me Word Power in Edinburgh (via here. I couldn’t find anything in Birmingham, but probably only ‘coz I don’t know the UK, like, at all.

    If you must buy from a corporation, Barnes & Noble is better than Amazon. However, it’s still not a feminist/independent bookstore, and those are important to keep around.

  5. Amanda said

    Sorry we didn’t have a chance to discuss the anthology or visit much on Friday. Strangely enough, Danny’s party fell on the night before the anniversary of when I was raped. Having references like this anthology and being in the company of amazingly caring and accepting people makes my emotions overwhelming. Hope we get the chance to talk more soon. Amanda

  6. Cedar said


    WEIRD. My own comment-reply got caught in the spam trap!

  7. shiva said

    I’m thinking perhaps anything with a “http” in it gets caught in the spam trap… or maybe with a link to anything other than another well known blogging site (Blogspot, WordPress, LJ, etc)?

    There definitely isn’t a feminist bookshop in Birmingham (i wish there was!), so i was thinking of online really. Is it on AK Press?

  8. Cedar said

    AK Press? It’s on seal press in the US, I don’t know about European distributors (generally they’re different, right?)…

    Either of the places I linked to will do internet orders… And as I said, at this point you know far more than I do.

  9. Ettina said

    Reminds me of this post by David Hingsburger:
    In this post he talks about a disabled guy whose service workers had forbid him to have consensual sex with his girlfriend.

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