So Shut Up revision / Hi new folks! / Best of?

November 17, 2008

I performed So Shut Up at the DOR this year, and a number of folks asked to see it online, so I thought I’d make it easier for you. Note that this is a slightly older and longer version–the original–though there are a couple new verses in the most recent version :

…“It’s just a dance party, you can’t control these kinds of things. [snip]
“I really appreciate them creating this space, so I don’t want them to get the bad rap.
So shut up.

“Gay men?! Are you sure?
So shut up.

“They put up a notice on their myspace! Aren’t they great?
So shut up.

Are there posts you all particularly recommend new folks to read? The Standards of Care piece is my numerically most popular, even exceeding Beyond Inclusion and the cis privilege checklist… But there are a couple posts that I’m particularly proud of with less than 50 hits (by contrast, the ones above average over 400 each), put up before I “got big” or whatever: Oppressive Tactics and Coalition Building; Diseased; Open Letter to Trans Inclusive LGBTetc Organizations, and Trans Fat. Patriarchial Violence and Women’s Penises and Risk, Danger, and Internalized Transphobia both got a pretty big reaction, and I’m really proud of them, too.

What have y’all liked most? What should new folks read? I might put up a ‘best of’ page or somesuch. Not that I’m going anywhere anytime soon.


3 Responses to “So Shut Up revision / Hi new folks! / Best of?”

  1. Rebecca said

    I think the post you wrote about risk deserves to be up there, too; it’s one I’ve always remembered.

  2. GallingGalla said

    I think that “Patriarchal Violence and Women’s Penises” would be a great one for new people to read. I feel like we need to confront “newbies” right away with the fact that womens bodies don’t fit a particular standard, rather than dancing around the fact that some women do have bodies that aren’t easily understandable. (I guess I’m coming at this from a personal preference for cis ppl to freak out now, before we get to know each other, rather than a year from now, when that will bust up a friendship or coworker relationship or wev).

    I also have to say that “Patriarchal Violence and Women’s Penises” is my favorite writing of yours, after “Beyond Inclusion”.

  3. Rachel K said

    “Biological” is a personal favorite of mine!

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