Apologies and Post Requests!

November 8, 2008

Hey, everybody, sorry about the dearth of posting; a matter of class-related stress (work and/or upsetting shit) but also the unproductive kind of hypomania. 😦

Anyways, I’ve been sitting on several important posts, and I’m going to take requests as to what order to do them in/which one first:

2)The Radical Politics of Love, or The Inadequacy of Ethics (race related)
3)Woman-only space as a resource
4)Trans Women’s Childhoods
5)Continue series started at Trans Woman of Color Erasure & Objectification–i)post about valuing trans women of color’s lives and the activism done in support of those lives; racism of The Transfeminist Manifesto; ii)post about reinscribing hate violence/discourse assisting it (related to trans genocide stuff as well) [these two must happen in that order]

EDIT 10pm–6)Re-reclaiming “tranny” (or not)

Let me know! (you can also put in requests for other posts you want me to write, but recognize there’s a backlog)


5 Responses to “Apologies and Post Requests!”

  1. squirrel said

    These all sound fabulous, I can’t pick.

    For other requests, I look forward to each and every post you list on your language politics page. Not saying they should jump up on your list or anything, just saying.

  2. QueerRose said

    It’s a great list but as for other suggestions, what about a post on (the gay community’s) efforts to gain marriage equality and trans inclusion?

    Also, don’t know if you’ve seen this:


    Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Lucy said

    I’d like to see you take on reclaiming “tranny” (or not). I am definitely ambivalent about the term, but I also know some people want to reclaim it or already proudly own it.


  4. julie said

    i would really like to read what you have to say about women only spaces. i’ve been processing the idea myself lately and haven’t come up with any real solutions. it may be partly based in an underlying notion that i don’t think separatist groups are always bad and can help people, but of course, at the same time are problematic!

  5. Cedar said

    Lucy: ask and ye shall receive!

    Julie: first, I should direct you to Beyond Inclusion–I write at length about It there. This is a more specific deal that won’t cover my response. But I should be clear in saying that I find your comment problematic. (the essay will clarify most of that.)

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