ACORN, Racist Trans Misogyny, & Voter Suppression

October 23, 2008

A few great videos:

First, from Julia Serano:

I do have to disagree with Serano on one important point, which is that voter suppression *is* trans related.

On that note, remember intersectionality?–

“Remember Santina Gibbs? She’s actually Darnell Nash.” –transsexuality = false presentation, femininity = artificial/untrustworthy, blackness = criminality, black transsexual femininity = voter fraud. Action News’s advocacy for voter suppression depends on the construction of the deceptive, fraudulent trans black woman as a representative of moral decay that must be stopped. It’s important to note that she is a figure used precisely because her right to vote, like her rights to sexuality and to live, is seen as optional/unimportant compared to cis anxieties about her deception.

Then there are two MSNBC videos Monica Roberts posted yesterday:

I don’t have too much in the way of comments about these two, other than that I’m not used to news coverage being either as decent politically or as in depth as what I see from Maddow and Olbermann. I keep expecting it to be some kind of spoof.


4 Responses to “ACORN, Racist Trans Misogyny, & Voter Suppression”

  1. […] over at Taking up too much Space has a few interesting videos on this one – including some rather nice analysis from MSNBC on the current […]

  2. Karen said

    FYI, TransGriot is authored by Monica Roberts, not Monica Helms.

  3. Cedar said

    Shit! I knew that! …that’s what I get for writing at Far Too Late At Night.


  4. Damn right voter suppression is a trans issue. With my incongruent government ID–kind of forcible in this state if you haven’t had any surgeries–I was almost not allowed to vote, and my vote may be thrown out as “fraudulent.”
    Sort of like how, sans legalized same-sex marriage, I can’t marry anyone. And it’s funny–I might not be allowed to vote on that!

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