LGB community v. trans community [sic]

September 20, 2008

When you’re trying distinguish between trans and cis parts of the queer community, don’t say things like “Top LGB issues versus Top Trans Issues” (read this one. I’m picking on someone I love and respect and her post is important.), “LGB community gives a free pass to the mockery of the trans community” and “We actually have more in common with [POC] then the LGB community”.

Trans folks are (frequently) l, g, b, q, i, sgl, gnc, etc etc. In the context of the first reference, it’s not the needs of lgb folks, it’s the needs/actions of the cis LGB community–and in this context, it’s frequently not even that, but the white, temporarily able bodied, cis LGB community whose priorities get taken into account. (in the last example, it’s the white CLGB community vs (cis?)(straight?) POC vs (white?)trans folks, even though it’s flawed reasoning anyways)

SO… Cis LGB community, CLBG community’s priorities over trans (LGBetc or straight) community’s needs. yeah.

One Response to “LGB community v. trans community [sic]”

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