Definitions: Misogyny NOS, Trans Woman Ejection

September 14, 2008

Misogyny NOS:

Misogyny Not Otherwise Specified. Misogyny targets all women, cis and trans. When it’s specifically about trans women, we call it trans misogyny in order to draw attention to the aspects that are specific to us/them. But just as, in our society, “woman” by itself is almost always interpreted “cis woman”, “misogyny” is presumed to be separate from “trans misogyny”, as something 1)specifically targeting cis women, and 2)of which trans misogyny is not a part. Since women are presumed to be cis until proven otherwise, misogyny that targets cis women also targets trans women, with a very few exceptions. And, in fact, even when they/we are known to be trans, they/we’re generally still treated with said misogyny, in addition to any transphobic elements that may compound it. The “Not Otherwise Specified” is in order to 1)decenter cissexuality within discourse about misogyny, and 2)specify that it isn’t trans misogyny without implying that it doesn’t also target trans women.

Trans Woman Ejection:

I use this phrase in contrast to phrases such as ‘trans exclusion’ and ‘trans woman exclusion.’

The “woman” word is important because it specifies that trans women (and other trans folks who have transitioned out of a male social positioning) are the ones being excluded. Sometimes trans men are being excluded, but frequently they’re being included; and while there is also a use for spaces of ‘people who aren’t cis men,’ many women’s spaces need to remain women’s spaces. (When I write about spaces as resources not about who’s really a woman, I will put a link here)

The “ejection” word is in order to draw attention to the fact that we/they are and have been part of women’s culture, the women’s movement, feminism, and women-only spaces–only to be kicked out of what is our/their culture, movement, and space just as much as it is any other woman’s. Sandy Stone was already an accepted member of the Olivia collective when cis women outside the collective threatened to boycott the only woman run, the only record company that produced lesbian and woman-centered content (and also sent death threats to other members of the collective—she was not “excluded” or “kept out”, she was removed, kicked out of her own collective, a collective that supported her. Other acts that seek to deny trans women access to their own culture and movement are not merely preventing them from entering from somewhere else, but are kicking them out.


2 Responses to “Definitions: Misogyny NOS, Trans Woman Ejection”

  1. Yes, I agree that it’s important to talk about this in terms of agency and who did what to whom, rather than the passive-sounding talk about “lack of inclusion.” This needs to be discussed as an actively maintained process, not something that people forgot to do in the before time.

    Good point on misogyny NOS, too.

  2. I mean on decentering cis women. My first reaction was that it sounds clinical and a lot of people won’t know what NOS means, but it’s easily explainable.

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