Trans Woman Ejection, willful ignorance

September 11, 2008

In response to Bil Browning commenting on Gina’s post about trans woman ejection in a romantic relationship survey over the Bilerico project (but to others as well):

Bullshit. You have the resources available to know why. You asked for trans people to educate you about ourselves–but you’re the only one who can bother listening. This is *willful* *knowing* *intentional* ignorance and discrimination, both on the researcher’s part and yours.

If you can’t get that 1)including trans men in “woman” on the pretext of biological sex is offensive, 2)ejecting trans women from said category is offensive, 3)there are not “good reasons” for discrimination, 4)assuming there’s a “good reason” for discrimination when that reason hasn’t been stated is oppressive and serves no purpose other than to protect discriminators and maintain discrimination, 5)claiming the exclusive and “objective” right to determine, as a cis person, *particularly one who has acknowledged he doesn’t know shit about trans issues or experiences,* but a cis person of any stripe, whether or not something is “really” discrimination is itself discrimination/oppression, 6)the “distinctness” of cissexual women’s experiences of relationships between women has not been established and is only being assumed on the basis of transphobia…if you can’t get that, then you’re not listening.

Not in original comment:

I think it’s of central importance, too, that not only is this denying trans women’s voices and experiences a place in research about relationships between women, it is also excluding trans female spectrum people from a drawing for a monetary award–when trans female spectrum folks face extreme economic marginalization.


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