PSA: Questioning Transgender is down

September 5, 2008

Apparently, Questioning Transgender is down, perhaps permanently? Who knows.

Anyways, while for the most part this is good, those of us who want to critique or analyze their writing/hate/whatever-but-they-aren’t-really-arguments should take note. There are few archives of intentional trans misogyny more valuable, and most of them cost money. So, trans historians (particularly historians of transphobia)–download it from the google cache while you still can.

Please resume your regularly scheduled celebrations…now.

EDIT: Apparently unnecessary, already been done. Thanks Drakyn!


5 Responses to “PSA: Questioning Transgender is down”

  1. drakyn said

    It’s up on wayback machine fyi, multiple versions actually.

  2. Cedar said

    … … …wow.

    *Is stunned*

    Archiving the internet? God how much would that cost!??

    Good to know, though. It will help me with future projects.

  3. Storage devices are cheap and are getting cheaper all the time, and largely it’s only text that gets stored, which doesn’t take up too much space. I’d guess the major costs are maintaining the site and keeping the machines in working order.

  4. darn. -sheds silent emu tear-

  5. I am just glad such an evil and horrible site is finally gone. The world could use a lot less hate but it saddens me that the individuals running that site likely still have their transmisogynistic mindset.

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